Startup Programs

This list of programs will help you get started, grow your business, and even leave that startup status behind as you become a full fledged CEO. Organized in approximate order of company stage that each applies to.

  1. UFV EPIIC - University of the Fraser Valley, Entrepreneurship and Process Innovation/Incubation Centre
    • In partnership with the Canada Discovery Foundation
    • Provides funding and expertise to Fraser Valley residents in search of consultation and resources
  2. SRCTec - Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech
  3. ACETECH - By CEOs for CEOs operating innovative technology companies
    • CEO Roundtable program provides peer mentoring
    • Growth Strategy Program provides ongoing education
    • Yearly Whistler Summit provides top-notch education speakers
  4. Shannon Susko - Author of The Metronome Effect, and much of the ACETECH Growth Strategy Program
  5. Gabriel Padva - Revenue Accelerator
    • How to build a proper sales and marketing system


These programs are best with :)